Our story starts out with a single website…

Back in 2007, we met our first client who was struggling to get their startup off the ground.  And unfortunately, there was no budget in the books to increase their customer reach.  Their main concern was not having any website presence in this ever-evolving market, and thus, not being able to “reach the masses.”

Then entered Dreamprox.

Our team went in and spearheaded website development—following industry standard best practices.  Expert guidance was provided on all the “do’s” and “don’ts” for building a successful web presence, and a strategy was provided to help take that startup to the next level.

In a matter of 3 months, website traffic flourished as customers flooded their website for company information and their customer base multiplied many times over.

Many years later, our hearts are still in it.  Obsessed with perfection and passionate over quality, our team works hard to deliver the results you seek.  Our accomplishments are accolades we are most proud of.  As a full-service website development/strategy and video/photography team, we can help bring your ideas into reality today.

Are you ready to experience the Dreamprox difference?